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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked.

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Professional and portable audio visual equipment for business/corporate presentations.

Frequently asked questions

Why Zidoo?

After a number of years testing many top android media devices, we chose Zidoo for quality, customer relations, they are technically pro active, innovative and they care about their product.

What is POA?

Price on application, this means you must contact us for the price of certain products.

Why POA?

POA is applicable on certain products to ensure you get the optimal repair warranty, to ensure the best price at the time and the most advanced product at the time. Zidoo products are of a professional standard and are for the serious audio visual addict.

What is the warranty?

Zidoo offer a 2 year repair warranty, applicable when it is dispatched from date of purchase. Repair warranty is standard practice. You will be responsible for any freight that is necessary in the unlikely event a repair maybe necessary.

Is there a guide for the cost?

Yes: Z9S NZ$391.00 Z10 NZ544.00 Z1000 NZ$612.00 UHD2000 NZ$1,360.00 The prices do not include GST, freight from the manufacturer or local freight. The above is a rough guide and we reserve the right to change without notice. External factors that affect pricing is the FX rate, freight charges, customs etc... Buying in quantities of 3 to 10 devices will save you money. Special rates for quantities of 10+ are applicable.

Pffffftttt, i can buy cheaper!!

Yes you can, if you simply wish to cut the cord as cheaply as possible then we are not for you and we completely understand. We do however offer test boxes or clearance at a very good price. The Zidoo products are for the professional and serious user. The old adage "You pay for what you get is very apt", we deal only with our manufacturer and NZ supplier.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery can take up to 2/3 weeks from date of payment, going through customs can take up to a week and a half.

What about set up of the media device?

It is quite easy to set up, if you wish us to set up the device prior to delivery, we can certainly oblige. Depending on the work required there maybe a charge. OTA upgrades are available or can be downloaded and upgrade the firmware through a USB.

What about storage?

Depending on the model purchased: Zidoo. 2GB/16GB 4GB/32GB Zidoo devices allow for extra external or internal hard drives along with USB drives. Sata drives can hold up to 10TB, ideal for large libraries of music, films, files etc... Ideal for media players such as Plex, however, Zidoo interfaces and libraries will be more than suffice for your needs. We recommend download pathways for large files, films, music etc... to be directed to an added external/internal storage device other than the storage included with the media device. This will help protect your Zidoo product from damage through oversized/excessive downloads it is not built to handle. HDDs are not included in the price. Intel NUCs are expandable and can hold greater RAM & memory. NAS servers are incredibly useful in storing your media files, it also takes the load off your primary computer or media device. NAS also acts as a personal storage, 3 rule data storage: Always maintain 3 back ups. 2 back ups on different devices. 1 back up to be offsite in a trusted secure environment.

What is the recommended connection?

The best connection for performance is an ethernet cable direct to your router, ultra fast fibre is also recommended. Anything less than 20mbs may cause performance issues. If you can only use wifi, we recommend Netgear wifi extention devices to improve black spots within your property. We are not responsible for poor internet coverage, poor performance when connected to servers, high traffic, "noise" etc... VPNs are recommnended, some may slow down your internet speed. Anti Virus applications are also recommended.

Where can i buy quality routers?

We can supply you with quality routers and extensions, if you see none available on our site, please contact us and we will sort you out. Netgear or Linksys is recommended.

What is the best method of payment?

Your best method of payment is online banking, you contact APlus, we send you a quote/Invoice and you pay through online banking, once we see your payment is accepted we can the order your product/device. You will also save 5% of store advertised pricing. Ordering with credit cards or Paypal will incur charges, they are charges that we and many other businesses incur so they are unfortunately passed on to the customer.

Your online business differs, why?

It probably doesn't but we like to think it does, in a good way, we like to find you the best solution for a bang to buck ratio. APlus tends to deal with trusted customers, businesses and suppliers, individual purchases are welcome.

Who is your target market?

Enthusiasts for movies & music, many of them use Zidoo media players with amplifiers, projectors for small home theater's. Customers pay attention to the image and audio quality, so they ask about 4k Blu-ray movies , IOS formats etc. HDD bay is for buyers who store many original movies on hard drives. It is a niche market gathering many enthusiasts.