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Returns Policy

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 ('CGA'), you have guaranteed legal rights for goods [and services] you buy.
These are called 'consumer guarantees', and include the following:
a guarantee that the goods are of acceptable quality, such that the goods are:
Fit for all the purposes for which goods of that type are commonly supplied;
free from minor defects;
durable; and acceptable in appearance and finish;
a guarantee that the goods are fit for any particular purpose made known by you, or for which we represent that they are or will be fit;

a guarantee that the goods correspond with any description with which the goods are supplied; and a guarantee that the goods correspond with any sample or demonstration model where the goods are supplied by reference to such sample or model.

If the goods (or services we supply do not meet a consumer guarantee, we will meet our obligations under the CGA to provide a remedy.

These guarantees are in addition to any warranty offered by a manufacturer, and you may have rights against the manufacturer directly.

The CGA does not apply where the goods have been used in a manner, or to an extent which is inconsistent with the manner or extent of use that a reasonable consumer would expect to obtain from the goods; and the goods would have complied with the guarantee of acceptable quality if they had not been used in the manner or to that extent.​

(a)Except in the case of delivery of wrong or defective Goods by the Company, no Goods shall be returned to the Company without the prior authorisation of the Company. The Company, at its sole discretion, may or may not give such authorisation and such authorisation if given, shall be subject to the following conditions:

(i) Where in the opinion of the Company Goods are not returned in the condition in which they were supplied (as supplied condition) any costs incurred by the Company in restoring Goods to as supplied condition are for the account of the Customer.

(ii) The imposition of a special fee to be determined by the Company (e) at its sole discretion to cover among other things, restocking charges and any loss the Company may incur in reselling such returned Goods.

(iii) Such other conditions as the Company may deem necessary.

(iv) The Customer shall give the Company written notice of any defect in the Goods within 5 working days following delivery of the Goods and return the defective Goods to the Company’s premises for inspection. The Company shall, in its sole discretion, either repair of replace the defective Goods at its own cost and expense, or refund the price paid for the Goods. If the Customer does not notify the Company of any defect in the Goods within 5 working days of delivery of the Goods, the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted those Goods as being free of defects.

(b) Relating to those Products subject to compliance with the provisions of (c), (d) and (e) below and subject also to the provisions of APlus Returns Procedure as set, that specifies that the product is current on the relevant Vendor/brand price list, and the goods are not opened or damaged.

(c) Each claim of the Customer for Return shall be dealt with under APlus Customer Returns Procedure. The Customer acknowledges that he is aware of the terms of the said Customer Returns Procedure and further acknowledges that his Agreement incorporates the provisions contained therein. Products to be sent or returned to the Customer following compliance with the Customer Returns Procedure shall be sent by APlus to the Customer by ordinary freight pre-paid, subject to (d) below. If the Customer requests the same to be sent by other than ordinary freight the excess cost of such accelerated or special freight shall be borne by the Customer.

(d) APlus shall have no liability for any damage or defects in the Products that have been caused by improper storage, warehousing or transport, or by neglect, abuse or improper use, installation, maintenance or unauthorised repair to our Products.

(e) Restocking fees may apply to certain items. APlus reserves the right to apply a minimum restocking fee of 10% of the invoiced value of the Product. No claims for returns will be accepted after the expiration of five working days from the delivery date. Returns will not be accepted unless a Return Authorisation (RA) number has been issued by APlus. Returns will not be accepted if returned after seven days of issuing the RA. Goods returned incomplete or not in a saleable condition, including original packaging and accessories (product manuals, software etc) will not be accepted even if a RA number has been issued. All software purchases and volatile hardware purchases (such as memory modules), where packaging has been opened, are neither refundable nor creditable. In the case of goods returned contrary to the terms and conditions of sale, credit may be provided solely at the discretion of APlus however no claim for refund will be entertained.

(f) Despite the provisions of clause 8(a), (b), in the event there is any discrepancy between the invoice and the Products supplied by APlus to the Customer pursuant to that invoice, the Customer must notify APlus of the discrepancy within fourteen (14) days of the date of the invoice. If APlus determines that there is a discrepancy for which the Customer needs to return some or all of the Products, APlus will provide written notice to the Customer identifying those Products that need to be returned and the Customer must return such Products within Five (5) days of written notice from APlus.

If any goods arrive damaged, please contact APlus within 24 hours of delivery. We will arrange to have the damaged item returned to the manufacturer and either repair or replace the goods or refund the price to you, at its election. Damaged goods must be returned to APlus in the condition received by you with all original packaging, together with all packing slips.

Please contact APlus for further details.
Where you have an issue relating to your order, please immediately contact APlus. Please have your order number with you.

Returns Policy
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